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October 1, 2022

I amIndian, married to Raj, also Indian. Last summer, my cousin Nina from Mumbai spent a few weeks with us here in the UK. We were looking through a local paper, where there was this ad about a male strip show. Giggling, Nina said it would be fun to go along. My hubby huffed & puffed a bit, but relented. So Nina & I went off. It was a laugh— we cheered the strippers, all tall, handsome with great bodies. Now when this blond guy came on, I felt Nina drool over him (we had had a couple of drinks each, & not being used to it, were uninhibited). She told me he was her favourite, & giggled. At the end of the show, the audience, those that had stayed on, were invited to go backstage to meet the strippers. Nina & I came across her “favourite”, Martin. We got chatting, & I told him that Nina fancied him, so maybe he could kiss her! Nina giggling, agreed, but said, “Only if you 2 kiss first!” I didn’t mind at all, & so we went behind a set, & went into his arms, with the next minute or so with his sweet tasting tongue deep in my mouth!

When we broke, Nina went mouth to mouth with him, & their snog was even longer & deeper than mine was! Mind you, even if I say so myself, I think I’m quite attractive, & Nina is no slouch either, so Martin was onto a good thing. Soon my hubby was there to pick us up, & Martin gave us his card, suggesting “private services!” When we got home, I told hubby what had happened. He seemed a little peeved that I’d french kissed the stripper, but enjoyed the “Nina” bit. You see neither of us like Nina’s husband— arrogant & cocky was he. He then persuaded me to tell Nina to phone Martin, to call him over so that they could have it off! “Serve her bloody husband right” he said. I suggested it to Nina, & after a little maybe false reluctance, agreed.

Of course we promised that no one would know. It was agreed. She phoned him a few days later, & it was agreed that it would be “no fees either way!”. Next day he came over with a bottle of wine, us having a glass each, before him & Nina went upstairs into her bedroom. The next half hour or so was magic! Nina was obviously on heat for her white lover, as she was a frenzy of hot Indian orgasms. We heard it all. I couldn’t help touching myself up, & even hubby was carried away, now masturbating. As he shot his load into the very same local rag, I yelled to him, me coming off as well, “I TOO should take Martin’s cock!” He could only agree as he shot his load.The lovers then came down, & after a few pleasantaries, Martin left. When Nina left for Mumbai, she admitted that the highlight of her visit was Martin’s servicing her.

She told me his cock was truly huge. When I repeated this to Rak, he, maybe envious said that these strippers developed EVERY bit of their bodies! Soon I raised the issue of Martin. Sort of reluctantly, hubby agreed that I phone him. He came over, again a “no fee either way” agreement. He suggested that we kiss in front of my husband the way we’d done at the club. It was delightful, our hot tongues duelling away! Then, he began hi sexy stripping. Remember that he was a stripper, so it came easy to him. He was so so sexy, as he stood there totally naked. He was only wearing his massive hard-on. Raj told me in Hindi to strip for him. Like an obedient Indian wife I did so. I kept my heels on. I knelt before this blond god, held his cock, looked at hubby, & said, “You are a cuckold”. And saying this, slowly wrapped my lips around that love-dong! I sucked for awhile, loving it. After a while, I got off. Martin led me to the settee, & hubby moved the coffee table for convenience.

I opened my legs for my white lover, & he was soon between my dark thighs. Soon I was doing “a Nina”, as I mouthed obscenities whilst coming off on his monster. I kept coming. Believe me, the difference in pleasure between 6 & 9 inches, not to mention the girth, is MASSIVE! He couldn’t keep it back, & pulled out, & gave me a faceful of his hot come. All over me. Hubby led me to a mirror in the hall, & showed me what a mess I was, specially all that come on my jet black hair. Since then Martin is a “regular”. Nina was the Indian girl he’s had, & me the second. He wasn’t boasting, but told us that he’d cuckolded, in the husbands’ presence 3 other husbands, & had affairs with 2 other wives. Also, he’d breeded with one of these wives, as her husband watched. Also he’d impregnated anothe of the wives, with the wife passing off the child as her poor hubby’s!

I’ve taken to drinking wine now, but only when poured into my mouth from Martin’s sweet mouth! Both white & red. Of course I repay the compliment! Wine tastes so so better that way! Needless to say Martin is incredibly strong, & a proof of this is the way he fucks me in the “clinging vine” position. Where he is stood up, my legs around the small of his back, my arms around him, & us joint together. He carries me from room to room thus, with hubby following us. This way we’ve fucked EVERYWHERE, including in the hall, landing & on the stairs. He makes it look so so easy! His is 9 inches, my hubby’s is maybe 5 & a half! He also bought me (trade prices he said) this vulgar, almost Essex type white hihg heels, which I always wear when having it off with him.

He says they are “impossible 7 inchers” I DO look like a slut in them. Which is anothe thing— when he is over, I look & dress like a tart– make up , bright shiny lip stick with nails to match, eye make up— the lot. So when he comes, in front of hubby he says, “You look like a tart”. I reply, “I am YOUR tart, no one elses. I am your private tart!” So you see, I am NOT a hot wife, but if you saw me with my blond prince you would not think so. Menwhile Raj is happy enough “doing his own thing”. I think ALL cuckolds know what that means! The good news for Martin is that Nina is due to visit again this summer! We will for sure play “3 in a bed!”— Martin, Nina & I, NOT hubby. He will watch.Maybe I will update you about that one should this letter be posted!
Varsha, the Indian cuckoldresses


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