Had A Great Night

August 5, 2022


I wanted to share this little anecdote, which happened to us last week.
We met a new guy (bull) in the bar of a hotel, where he had booked a room for the night. We sat at a table, and I flirted outrageously with my stud-for-the-night. We were all over each other, touching and kissing so that everyone noticed. My husband sat opposite us, sipping his drink and looking slightly embarrassed.
When we decided to go up to the room, I called the waitress over and asked for the bill. She had been watching us the whole time! She asked for my room number. I said ‘no, my husband will pay,’ pointing at my husband. Then my stud and I walked towards the lift, hand in hand, leaving my very shamed husband to pay the bill. I couldn’t stop laughing.
My husband said it was so incredibly humiliating, but such an extremely hot turn-on.
We all had a great night, by the way.
PS. Any hot bulls (25-40 years) with thick 8″ (minimum) in or around London (UK), please get in touch.


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