Hotwife Cuck Fantasies

July 30, 2022
She’s Gonna Do It …

I have been telling my wife for a while now about my cuck fantasies and she says she is open to them but only when she feels she is ready which I agree is fair.

All day yesterday and last night, I acted as her slave, doing things she ordered and letting her do whatever she wanted while I did most of the chores around the house. She insisted I wear panties all day long which she seems to enjoy. I even had to go running while wearing them.

In the evening, she had me rub her feet while I was naked and then motioned me up to fuck her which she usually seems to always enjoy. I did my usual grinding the top of my cock shaft on her clit while fucking her which I know most woman I have been with (Including my wife) always enjoy. After her orgasm, I continued to fuck her but she became calm and started telling me that my cock was small and that the only way she could cum is by me rubbing it on her clit like I did. She continued by saying that she could cum just by being fucked regular with in and out thrustings if my cock was bigger and if I was a “Real Man.” Right before I came, she told me that she would probably go out the next evening (Tonight) to a sports bar to find a “Real Man” with a big cock to have sex with. Knowing her past and that her and her friend’s used to do that made me really think of the possibilities and I came inside of her.

A short time later as we layed in bed, I put my fingers on her pussy and asked if it was filled with cum still. She told me to put my fingers inside and see for myself. I did so for a little while until she told me that she was tired and that I could masturbate if I wanted to. I told her that it would be humiliating to do so and not be allowed to fuck my own wife who was lying in bed naked next to me. She said that it was going to be even more embarrassing not being allowed to do so but how a stranger would be fucking her pussy the next day. Again, I came with awesome verocity.

So this afternoon while I was fixing the toilet, she announced that she was going out. I asked her where and she said, “Just…out!” with a smile. I said, “So you don’t want to wait until tonight to go to the sports bar? Going to see who is there in the afternoon watching the daytime games?” She then said that she had to get some things from the store for tonight for some things she wants to do to me.

To be honest, I thought it was going to be a one night deal and that today it was going to be a normal day with no BDSM or cuckold play. Maybe my wife is getting more into it as for the past few months, I have been e-mailing her my submissive fantasies and cuckold thoughts for her to read and enjoy. I guess I will go into the bedroom and put on another pair of panties which I know she will like.


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