I was always a slow and soft kind of fuck

August 12, 2022

Sissy Acts Out Fantasy

My wife has slowly stopped having sex with me. After 20 years of marriage this is more about her decreasing desire than fulfilling my fantasy.

It is true that I am a small dicked sissy boy. For years I thought I was normal to above normal. All the girls i dated were very nice and always said I had a nice cock, or it was a good fit or something kind like that. They also said “is it in, yet?” after I had already started fucking. And “are you done?”. Plus I was never able to fuck long and hard. When I tried my cock would always slip out, so I was always a slow and soft kind of fuck.

I was also obsessed with eating pussy. I almost preferred it to fucking. I was very passive in bed, never asked anything of my girlfriends.

In my day to day life I am also rather passive and sensitive. I don’t like action films, I prefer romantic comedies. I’d rather go shopping with a girlfriend than go out drinking with the guys.

When I look back on my life I realize I was cuckold many times. I never realized that the cuckolding was what I liked most in those relationships. I focused too much on the humiliation on jealousy. Today I would do things differently.

Back to the present. We rarely have sex now, once or twice a year. I get a handjob maybe once a month, less and less all the time. The less sex I have more my cuckold fantasy grow. Occasionally I try to live out some of my fantasies.

Last week I wore my bra, panties and stockings and went to the local adult bookstore. They have “fantasy booths” where you can go and talk to a girl through a glass partition. Most guys get a strip and masturbation show. As a small dicked sissy I know that no girl would want to do that kind of a show for me.

I went and told her about my wife’s lack of interest and how I was to small to satisfy her. I created a a big dicked, Black boss for my wife and said they were on an out of town trip together.

The booth girl told me that little dicked pantie boys need to accept that their wives need real men. She showed me a picture on her cell phone of her Black boy friend’s huge cock. She asked if I sucked my wife’s lovers cocks. Yes. Did I like? No. I like cleaning her cunt after they fuck her. Do her boy friends fuck me in the ass. NO! She had me fuck my ass with my fingers. When the time was up she talked me into getting a butt plug. She helped me pick it out and let the clerk know that I would be wearing it because I had a little dicklette.

I went to the video booths and insert the plug. I went home wearing it, but came back to the store about an hour later. I had to receive more humiliation from the booth girl. When I got there she was talking to some friends, a guy and girl. She told me to kneel on the floor and wait. Her friends smirked, and other shoppers cast glances at me kneeling in the store. After a few minutes she asked if I was still wearing the butt plug. Yes I said as I caught her friends looking at me with raised eyebrows. First the guy left and said something snarky to me as he passed. Later the girl left laughing at me while looking me in the eye.

Finally I was able to get another fantasy show. She had me fuck myself with the plug and this time I came in my panties.


Let me know if you would like to here more true stories of how I humiliate myself or of my past girlfriends cuckolding me.


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