Having My Wife Take Other Lovers – Cuckold

July 15, 2022

I had been trying to convince my wife to take other lovers since we got married. When she was very young, she had 3 men at once. I wanted her to re-enact that for me, but she said she wanted to put that behind her. Well, New Years Eve changed her mind. She got fairly drunk, and had partaken of other things, and was in a real good mood. We were at a friends party, surrounded by our close friends, when shortly around 1am i realised i hadnt seen her for some time. After a bit of searching i noticed a couple of buddies congregating around the little playhouse my friend had built for his kid. I walked over, and 1 of my friends (my best man actually) suggested i might not want to come closer. I was bemused as hell, and asked what was going on.

Then i heard my wife laugh. I walked over to the playhouse and peered in the plastic window. My wife was on all 4’s, getting rammed by one friend, and jerking/sucking another. They all saw me, went “oops”, giggled, and carried on. I immediately got rock hard. My other friends were just enjoying the show. I watched as my slut took care of both men. I will never forget the look of utter contempt for me my friend Pete gave me as he emptied himself into my wifes cunt. Ed then slipped in, and after a minute of so, shot his load over my wifes ass. All the while, she was laughing and giggling like a naughty school girl. They got up, got dressed and came out. Pete and Ed high-fived some of their friends, then walked past me deriding me. Ed even patted my head like i was a dog. I almost came when he did that!

Finally, my wife exited, adjusting her clothing. Some of my friends applauded. Some of them were later led home by their furious spouses. I asked my wife if she was happy, and she said she loved it. She had promised another man a shot at her, and she went to look for him. She said i wasnt allowed to touch her until we got home.

Alas, the man she was looking for had vanished. Instead of me being able to have some relief from my painful erection, my wife selected the oldest, fattest, ugliest man at the party. He was some ones work friend i think. Anyway, she was a bit more discrete, and he fucked her in his car.

When she returned, she completely ignored me for about an hour, spending time with Pete and his friends. Ed had by now gone home. Finally, she was ready to leave and i drove us the short distance to our house. I had to go down on her before i could fuck her. I got the biggest thrill of my life eating other mens cum from my beloved.

After what seemed like an eternity, i was allowed to enter her. It was bliss. The entire time i pumped her, she was telling me how much better the other men were. As i came, she said she wished she was stilll at the party with some other than me. I ejaculated with such intensity, i almost blacked out.

The next day my wife asked if i was ok with everything. I was! Very much so. I had longed for this moment. She promised more was to come. She was relaxed about it now. I can hardly wait.


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