Shrinkage from sexual morality?

August 12, 2022

Shrinkage from Chastity?

I have heard about shrinkage from chastity a lot, but this has not been my experience. I have been kept in fairly constant and regular chastity for years now and have not noticed any change in penis size or the ability of the erectile tissue to inflate. No doubt there are difference in how different bodies react. Also, the device might well have something to do with it. I wear the cb2000 and my penis inflates inside of it (and strains uncomfortably against the bars). It never gains full erection in the cage, obviously, but does not have any trouble springing to full life when released (although those little marks where I strained against the bars remain).

Other factors may be frequency of release and snugness of fit. Although I have gone months with orgasm, as a typical proposition I get to come every few weeks. Perhaps without this release and exercise (as people in permanent chastity lack) or if my chastity device was so close fitting that I could not even partially inflate the impact on the erectile tissue would be more significant? I would love to know what device “desperate1″ uses! (Maybe it is time for me to upgrade!)

One schoolmarmish word of caution: Don’t be so anxious to shrink the size that you get an inappropriately tight fit. The body’s circulation system should be approached with great care and any sign of cyanosis (blue or purple tinges) should be checked out with medical pros.


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