My Girlfriend & I Try Cuckolding

August 7, 2022

I have been with my girlfriend for almost 3 years now. It has been a fantasy of mine to watch my girlfriend have sex with another guy. When i told her about my fantasy a few months ago she really began to like the idea. I bought a realistic 8″ dildo for her and we use it as another guy. I am the first guy she has ever had sex with and she loves feeling a new cock in her, even if its not the real thing yet. She is a senior in high school so I decided to tell her she was free to hook up with anyone she wants to, wether just to make out or to have sex, for her last year in high school.

A few weeks ago she had some friends over at her house while her parents were away, 2 guys and a girl. They played strip poker and she was topless infront of the two guys, then they all went in the hot tub. While the other two were talking, one of the guys started to give my girlfriend a back rub. When his hands reached her butt he started groping her and got hard, which she gladly allowed him to do. He whispered to her that he heard her boyfriend (me) was “into the open relationship thing” and that he wanted to have sex with her. She said she would ask me to make sure i was still ok with it. Ofcourse I was but by the time they found a way to be alone together (they both don’t have cars) he had a girlfriend!

Then this last weekend she went to a party at some guys house with her best friend. They played strip poker again and this time my girlfriend got completely naked in front of about 5 guys, she was the only girl who lost all her clothes and she claims the guys really enjoyed seeing her body. She was planning to hook up with him the next night but unfortunately he couldnt go back the next night.

Somwtimes after we have sex I ask her what she is thinking about, and more and more she says she is imagining what it might feel like to have someone else’s cock inside her.

I cant wait until this finally happens!


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