I’m Just Waiting For Hubby’s Next Trip

August 4, 2022

Hotel Bars

My hubby just loves taking me to a hotel bar close to us, that has a great dance band every Friday. It’s an upscale hotel, and the guys there are usually businessmen on the prowl.

We go in together but I always stay a little away from him, and treat him in a stand-offish way (not really bad though). He picks my clothes, and it’s usually either short short at both ends, or shiny and tight, or both. He’s a real cutie and he does my nails too, and gives me a nice massage. I ALWAYS get hit on as soon as he goes to the restroom, and if I like the guy I just ignore my hubby when he gets back. He backs off and my new “friend” gets a chance to move in close and whisper sweet nothings im my ear whilst he oggles my tits and tries to feel up my ass. I’ll usually dance, and you can guarantee that I’ll get felt up, and get a hard cock thrust up against me, we love this and I get sopping wet.

He doesn’t let me go off with them, that waits ’till he’s away on business. But I’ve come back from the restroom there with many a mouthfull of cum.

Last week I was there in a mini, and a butterfly top, and not much else except shoes, and I got picked up by a real hunk of a guy, older but well put together. He gave me his phone number, so I’m just waiting for hubby’s next trip.

Hotel Bars, I love them…


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