He is hotwife Husband or Boyfriend?

July 27, 2022

Husband or Boyfriend?

When I go out on dates, I generally wear the types of clothes that my husband finds the sexiest, because I love to tease him. Specifically, I wear short dresses that are tight on top to show off my breasts. I wear lacy panties. If I wear a bra at all, it is always a front hook type to make access to my tits as easy as possible. My husband prefers bare legs to stockings, so that is how I go out. Of course, he is not allowed to touch me sexually when I am preparing for a date. The only time he gets to undress me from these outfits is when a date goes poorly and I am still horny when I get home.

Around home, I wear pants and loose shirts. I go with the plain white cotton panties that I find most comfortable. I wear plain, back hook bras. When we go someplace together that I need to dress up more, I wear conservative, loose fitting dresses and panty hose.

The guy I have been dating lately has told me that he prefers thong underwear and stockings with a garter belt. Here is my question: Which would give my hubby more angst as I prepare for a date, seeing me dressed up in the clothes that he wishes he could rip off me, or seeing me dress up according to my boyfriend’s preferences?


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