First Payback – Cuckold

October 31, 2022

A little background first, we have been married 14 years, have relatively good sex life, but that was about to change radically. I was weak and got caught with another woman. Jean was pretty upset at first but that subsided and she decided to get even and told me she was going to fool around.
It happened one nigth a few weeks later when she was out with her friend Sue(known for being pretty slutty since her divorce) Jean hooked up with a guy that night. She got home quite late and woke me up and told me what she had done. She told me she had sucked off the cock of a 21 y/o guy and that he had cum in her mouth 2 times, she said it was liberating and fun. She noticed that I was getting a hard-on listening to her, yes I was turned on, and she knew it. She asked me if I liked what she had done, I answered yes, very much. We went after each other like animals for the next 2 hours, talking more about her being with other men. I told her I wanted to watch her suck cock, she came super hard when I told that.

We talked more the next day about the possibilties, we were both turned on by the whole idea. We decided to find a guy for the following weekend. We searched the internet and actually found 2 guys. It was suprisingly easy. Both on them were in their 20s ( Jean is a 41y/o) One of them had a short fat cock and the other was really nicely hung, we talked on the phone and made all the arrangements to meet them at a hotel.

I thought Saturday would never get here, but it finally did!! We got to the room, had a few cocktails and waited for our guests with great aticipation, Jean faced was flushed, a sure sign that she was turned on, and so was I. The knock came at the door, it was them!! I invited them in and introduced Jean. They sat down on the coucch and Jean sat in between them. There was some small talk before one of them took her hand and placed it on his crotch, she started rubbing both guys, I could see the bulges in their pants growing, they fondled her also. Guy #1 stood up and took out his cock, Jean stroked it a few more times making him rock hard, she looked over at me, smiled and guided his cock into her mouth. I almost came right then and there. Jean worked his knob over, I saw her lick his precum off the tip the take him all the way down and suck his dick with great speed, slurping his meat up and down. guy #2 had his dick out and Jean took turns sucking each guy. She concentrate on guy#1’s dick, giving the young guy the blow job of his life, I could tell he was about to cum, so could Jean, she sucked harder and he grabbed her head and unloaded a huge amount of cum in her mouth as he moaned, I could tell Jean was doing her best to swallow every drop but some leaked out of the side of her mouth. Spent, he withdrew his cock from her mouth and she immediately went to work on guy #2, sucking his thick cock like a mad woman, it was hot as hell seeing with cock in her mouth! She was sucking slowly then fast alternating speeds, he came in minutes, hard and she eagerly swallowed up all of his cum. WE repeated tis same sceen 2 more times, Jean swallowed 6 loads of cum from these two young studs. I was out of my mind, when they left, I bent he over and fucked her hard until I came.

Much, much more to follow as our journey takes us further.



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