Agreement For Cuckolding

August 6, 2022

First time posting.
Me and my wife a few weekends ago went and met some friends in orlando for some partying at the city walk. We met up with some of our longtime married couple friends and his brother and shared a motel room. We all partied that night and had a great time. At the end of the night back at the room it was really late and I was drunk so I fell asleep on the bed in another room. The married couple was also asleep in that same room and I expected my wife shortly to come to bed. I finally woke up around 4am to find my wife not in the bed and as my eyes focused I seen the husband of the other couple not in his bed with his wife. Now me and my wife have an agreement for cuckolding but it has only happened a few times with one of our really close friends. but anyway I got up to go see where my wife was I walked into the living room and mwife was almost naked and kissing the married husband and his brother. They acted surprised to see me and almost ran but my wife got up and told me she was fixing to come get me to ask if she could fuck(yea right) Anyway I told her yes and she turned and went straight back to them. I sat in a chair and watched as she sucked and fucked both of them for about an hour in every position doubled fucked and all. It was very exciting to see her doing this. When after one guy came in her I asked if I could have a turn and she told me no not until the other guy cummed in her because right now this was their pussy and not mine. I got so excited I almost cummed but I waited and when he was done she told them to go to bed so we could be alone. She squatted over me and let me clean her good and proper and then she let me fuck her until I came which was not long after that show. I love the feeling of her loose pussy after she fucks other people. We talked on the way home the next day and I begged her to do more of that. She was hesitant but I think if the times right she will. Until the next time I’ll just fantisize about that.


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